History of Acupuncture

acupunctureWarriors, who fought with stones and arrows realized that when they got hurt on particular parts of the body, they got cured of certain diseases. Certain tribes of South Africa scratched their body parts, whereas Brazilian cannibals are known to shoot darts to the affected parts of their body to cure ailments. So, it is a fact that applying pressure on specific parts of the body to cure diseases, has been old knowledge for human beings. The Chinese, refined this knowledge to evolve Acupuncture and Acupressure that have now become popular forms of holistic healing.

Background Information
Though there is no conclusive evidence as to when and how acupuncture originated, it is believed that about 5000 years ago, the Chinese realized that rubbing stones against particular parts of the body alleviated pain. Treatise of Internal Medicine, which is the oldest and most reliable book on this therapy was written by the Father of Acupuncture Huang Di Nei Jing of China.

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